Introduction to Tapping Pt.2

Technique: Tapping
Difficulty: Intermediate
Lesson Name: Introduction to Tapping Pt.2

In Part 1 you learned the techniques involved in tapping and learned how to do 1-hand and 2-hand tapping. In this lesson, we will explore further into the use of these techniques. In the following example you will be required to shift your left hand as you tap with your right hand.

Ex 1: The first measure is the same lick in the last lesson. For the second measure, you will tap 1 fret higher (13th fret). For the third measure you will have to shift your left hand fingers 2 frets up as you tap the high note; and for the fourth measure you will tap the high note 2 frets higher (15th fret).

Ex 2: For this exercise, the challenge is moving your fretting fingers out of the way in time to tap the high note of each triplet.

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