10 Valuable Guitar Tips For Beginners

Here are ten miscellaneous guitar tips and tricks that I have learned over the years – I hope you find them useful!

1) When tuning, start from the 3rd string and move outward (G, D, A, E, B, E) this will balance the tunings better than going straight from 1st string to 6th.

2) Always practice with a metronome (www.metronomeonline.com offers a free online one) and start slow (around 80bpms quarter notes for beginners) and build up.

3) Always look for accuracy and clarity in notes, never for speed.

4) Always position your fingers in the middle of the frets, right between the wires to avoid buzz.

5) If playing with fingers, take care of your nails as they define your tone and ease of play. Buy a nail filer if you must to smooth them out.

6) If playing with picks, remember to always experiment with different types of picks as different picks give out different sounds.

7) Always remember to mix it up when it comes to the position in which you are playing, remember that playing closer to the bridge will give a tingly sound and farther away will give a fat, bassier sound.

8) When changing strings, limit to changing 3 strings at a time to avoid damage to the neck by releasing too much tension.

9) Never turn on your amp without your guitar plugged in! It can pop the speaker.

10) The more you practice, the better you will get, so stop reading this now and go
practice! Remember to mix it up with scales, your favorite tunes, and some knowledge of chords never hurts.

Do you have any tips that you think beginners would find useful? Leave a comment below!


About Gaston

Gaston has been playing classical and electric guitar for over a decade - and has performed over a hundred shows and recorded on hundreds of songs. Gaston is a co-founder and contributing editor at The School of Guitar.
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