Octave Tapping and Double Tapping

Technique: Tapping
Lesson name:
Octave Tapping and Double Tapping

By shifting positions while tapping, you can play a sequence of notes in different octaves and extend the range of your licks. The following exercise will require the index and pinky of your right hand and the index finger of your left hand for tapping.

Ex 1: Tap the 5th fret with your index finger, hammer-on the 8th fret with your pinky, and then tap the 12th fret with your right index finger. Repeat this pattern on the fourth string. Play the lick in reverse order.

Ex 2: In this example, the sequence of notes is extended to 2 octaves, and the high note is double tapped. To double tap means to tap a note and pulloff to the following note twice, and is usually done very fast.


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