Introduction to Hammer-ons and Pull-offs Pt.1

Technique: Legato
Difficulty: Beginner
Lesson #2: Hammerons Pulloffs

Hammerons and Pulloffs are a way of going from one note to the next without having to pick the landing note. This musical term for this technique is legato.
Hammerons can be achieved by tapping down the following note with your fretting hand without picking it, and pulloffs by plucking the string down with the fretting finger used last.

Ex 1: Fret the 5th fret of the first string with your index finger, and after picking the note, hammer-on the 8th fret using your pinky. Repeat for each string.

Ex 2: Play this descending/ascending scale pattern by picking the first note of each string, and using pull-offs to land on the second note.

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