Introduction to Sweeping Pt.1

Technique: Sweeping
Difficulty: Intermediate
Lesson #1: Introduction to Sweeping

Sweeping is a picking technique that unlike alternate picking, allows you to play a set of notes on consecutive strings by picking in one direction at a time. This allows you to play arpeggios and sequences at a much faster tempo than alternate picking would allow you to do.

Ex 1: In this example, you will first play three notes on three consecutive strings by sweeping downwards with your pick starting at the third string. Then, play the same notes in reverse order by sweeping upwards.

Note: Once you play a note for the desired duration, release the note by lifting your fretting finger. Do not let any 2 notes ring at the same time.

Ex 2: In this example, we will incorporate an additional note and a pulloff into the sweep. Pick every ascending note with a downstroke, with the exception of the highest note. Then, pick with an upstroke the remaining notes (except the 12th fret, which you pulloff to).

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