Introduction to Hammerons and Pulloffs Pt.2

Technique: Legato
Lesson Name:
Hammerons Pulloffs Pt.2

In the previous lesson, you learned how go up and down a 2 note-per-string pentatonic scale pattern using hammerons and pulloffs. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the legato technique to play a 3 note-per-string scale. In order for the third note of each string to ring out, you will have to train your left hand pinky to hammeron the note. At least 2 of every 3 notes on each string will be hammered-on.

Ex 1: For this example, you will pick the first note of each string, and then hammeron the other 2 notes. The second note will be played with either the index or middle finger (whichever is more comfortable for you), and the third note with the pinky. When you reach the second string, you will play 2 hammerons and 2 pulloffs (2 ascending and 2 descending).

Ex 2: In this example you will combine alternate picking with legato. Start by playing the first set of three notes using hammerons, and play the notes on the following string with alternate picking. Repeat.

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