Triplet Alternate Picking Exercise

Technique: Alternate Picking
Lesson Name:
Triplet Alternate Picking Exercise

Triplets are often the most useful way of organizing pairs of notes to reach the desired effect- whether it be speed or rhythm. Practicing triplet sixteenth notes to a metronome is a helpful way of building speed and accuracy. In this lesson, you will learn how to practice these in a way that will exercise your picking hand as well as your fretting hand position shifting abilities.
Ex 1: Play the 5th fret of the 6th string with your index finger, the 7th fret with your ring finger, and the 8th fret with your pinky. Repeat for the 5th string (repeating the sequence twice), and then shift your hand 2 frets up on the 4th string and play the same pattern. Notice that the last 3 notes are the same 3 notes as the first 3, except an octave higher.

Ex 2: You will now take the previous sequence and extend it another octave. This time, you will be playing triplet sixteenth notes. When picked correctly, you should end with a downstroke on the 1st string 12th fret.

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