Paul Gilbert String Skipping Sequence #1

Technique: String Skipping
Lesson Name:
Paul Gilbert String Skipping Sequence

String-skipping is exactly what it sounds like- the act of jumping, or ”skipping” over string(s); from one note on one string to another on a nonconsecutive string. This technique can come in handy for guitar licks with a high range of notes, such as those that jump from one octave to the next.
Among his many other impressive abilities, Paul Gilbert is known for his flawless string skipping technique. In this lesson you will learn the basics of it.

Ex 1:  This exercise involves 2 pulloffs when descending from the high note, and begins by skipping from the 1st to the 3rd string. Notice that you will skip back and forth from the 3rd string back to the 1st, then back down to the 4th and back again to the 1st string. Except for the first 3 notes (and the repetition of them), everything is alternate picked.

Ex 2: This exercise involves all 6 strings, and can be a little bit challenging at first. Notice that from the first string, you will go straight down to the 2nd string instead of skipping to the 3rd right away. The idea is for you to play every individual string after playing the 1st. Practice a measure at a time, and make sure you are pulling off, alternate picking, and skipping strings where indicated.

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