Two Note-Per-String Seventh Chord Arpeggios Pt. 3

Technique: Alternate Picking
Difficulty: Intermediate
Lesson Name: Two Note-Per-String Seventh Chord Arpeggios Pt. 3

Seventh chords are made up of four notes. In this lesson, we will explore one of my favorite ways of playing a Diminished Seventh chord while limiting ourselves to playing two notes per string. When playing these exercises, feel free to either use alternate picking or economy picking (I use alternate picking myself).

To figure out the corresponding notes for any given diminished seventh chord, we take the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th notes of the corresponding harmonic minor scale. For example, in the key of A Harmonic Minor (A B C D E F G#) the corresponding diminished seventh chord would consist of the notes B (1) D (3) F (5) and G# (7). Playing them one by one in order would create a B Diminished Seventh arpeggio.

Here are some ways of playing a B diminished seventh arpeggio in a two note-per-string fashion:


About Gaston

Gaston has been playing classical and electric guitar for over a decade - and has performed over a hundred shows and recorded on hundreds of songs. Gaston is a co-founder and contributing editor at The School of Guitar.
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