Gaston A. has been playing guitar for over a decade. He started out his musical journey by learning classical guitar and performing at various art galleries and other locations. As time went on, he started to become more interested in the rock and metal genres and therefore began learning how to play the electric guitar.

Shortly after he begun to practice the electric guitar, Gaston met Professor Parkinson, who would become his teacher/mentor for the next few years. Gaston now seeks to spread his knowledge in his personal journey of growth and infinite learning.

Also, you check out Gaston’s other page, www.scales-for-guitar.com.

You can reach Gaston at Gaston@TheSchoolOfGuitar.com

Lucas A. began his guitar studies in middle school, where he studied and performed with the school’s classical guitar ensemble and rock band. He continued his guitar studies throughout high school, completing four years of the classical guitar course and being a member of the Rock Ensemble, where he played guitar and provided vocals.

Throughout his school years, he earned almost a dozen music-related awards including ”most outstanding advanced guitar student”, ”outstanding male vocal soloist”, and many ”superior performance” awards from judges at several university guitar performance evaluation events.

Lucas has been providing private guitar lessons to people of all ages and varying skill levels since his teenage years, with much success. Though he appreciates all ”good” music, his favorite styles are Classical and Progressive Metal.

You can reach Lucas at Lucas@TheSchoolOfGuitar.com


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